Tabitha Delley is a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho and graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She received her master’s in education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction for Math at the University of Texas at Arlington. Tabitha has been in education for 9 years and a math educator for 7 years. Her journey started as a substitute teacher and then an Apollo Math Tutor. From this experience, she then recognized her passion to be in education.  She started her teaching career at a middle school in Houston, TX as a 6th grade math teacher for 3 years and then moved to 8th grade Algebra. Not only has Tabitha been a math teacher, she has also invested her time to continue to serve and support students as a cheerleading and basketball coach as well. At her school she currently is the Effective Practice Specialist, a member of the technology team, and campus culture team. 

About the Episode

In this episode of #TechItUpTalk, Tabitha shares her experience and challenges in transitioning to virtual instruction due to the impact of Covid-19 and how she has adapted her instruction to create meaningful learning experiences for her students. In addition, she shares how she leverages technology in her math class and provides tips and best practices for other educators.

Tune in to hear Tabitha share what technology tools she leverages to support her instruction as well as recommendations for technology applications teachers should have in their digital toolbox to support their instruction.

Connect with Tabitha on Twitter @MsDelley and follow the #TechItUp Talk Podcast @TechItUpTalk . Tune in for more episodes on .

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