It is the New Year! Why not start it off with Student Cheer…. and New Year’s Resolutions with FlipGrid? By now, many of us have reflected on the past year, set personal goals for ourselves, and have committed to new resolutions that will positively impact this year.  Now that winter break is over and school is back in session, this is a great time to bring that newly refreshed and refueled energy back to your classroom to energize and refuel your students for the second half of the school year.

Why Student New Year’s Resolutions?
Imagine the magic of teaching if students were agents of their own learning by setting goals, initiating action, and reflecting throughout their learning process. A new year’s resolution can offer a positive start to the new semester by influencing student voice and action. It also supports efforts in building:

  • Student Agency
  • Student Empowerment
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Efficacy

For some students, the new year’s resolution process may feel like a daunting task.  So, why not make it fun with FlipGrid?

FlipGrid is an awesome tool that empowers student voice by recording short video responses to your assigned topics. The platform is very user friendly and there is no need to create student accounts.  Once you set up your educator account and create the New Year’s Resolution topic in the grid, students can access the grid with their school email or Student ID.

The platform supports Google and Microsoft sign in options. This is a double bonus if your school or district provides Google or Microsoft accounts for students. Students can get started with 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on the green plus sign to start recording
  2. Review and edit their video
  3. Snap a cool selfie with fun stickers & submit

What’s even better is that your student responses will be organized in a collection (by topic) in one location. So much Awesomeness!!!!!

New Year’s Resolution Prompt Ideas

No need to overthink the process, just try it out.  You can start with a simple prompt or you can be more specific.  Here are some example prompts you can use for your FlipGrid New Year Resolutions with students:

TIPS for Quality Student Responses:

Model the Response: Model the type of response you are looking to receive from students by recording yourself answering the prompt. Share with students your goals for the year and your plan to accomplish the goals.

Be Specific: To get quality responses from students, be specific with what you are asking them to do. How many goals do they need to state?  Should these goals be personal, classroom specific, or both? How much detail will you like for them to share about their goals? 

Sell the Idea: Think of your students as your clients and your making an educational transaction to develop them as learners that are action-oriented and self-directed.  Let them know you want to support them in accomplishing their goals and the importance of making a plan to take action. Set the stage to start the new year with a fresh start with new chances and opportunities to succeed.

Don’t wait until you have all the answers or have FlipGrid figured out. Login today with your Google or Microsoft account and set up a Grid with a New Year’s Resolution topic for your students. Have fun promoting student voice, building student agency, and developing goal-oriented learners. But just in case you, here is a complete Guidebook to FlipGrid. This guide provides you with step by step instructions and more.

Click here to Share your New Year Goals on my Grid. This will give you the experience you need to join in on the fun.

Cheers to Education & Be Sure to Tech it Up,
Dr. Mac

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